All right, it took me a while, but here are my Philly favorites! I may have forgotten some categories, so I’ll probably update here and there as my memory returns to me. Also bear in mind that I haven’t been to every restaurant in Philly, sooooooo if I left out your favorite, I probably haven’t been there yet! If you want specific recommendations for dishes at these restaurants, feel free to ask! Also let me know if you have additional categories!


Breakfast/ Brunch

  • Best Breakfast Sandwich: Bui’s Lunch Truck (38th & Spruce)
  • Best Upscale Brunch: Tinto
  • Best Casual Brunch: Fork
    Honorable Mention: Rx
  • Best Modern Mexican Brunch: Distrito


  • Best Light & Casual Lunch: Garces Trading Company
    Honorable Mention: Continental
  • Best Spanish Lunch: Amada
  • Best Food Truck: Hemo’s
    Honorable Mention: That One Behind Meyerson with the awesome Spaghetti (I don’t remember the name. Is that the one that doesn’t have a name?)




  • Best Bar Food: Village Whiskey
  • Best Late Night Post-Drinking: Nick’s Roast Beef of Old City



Other Places I’ve Heard Great Things About But Haven’t Been To Yet